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Councillor disappointed at security bollards u-turn

Councillor disappointed at security bollards u-turn
A councillor in Sunderland has expressed his disappointment at council bosses when a planned development of security bollards was scrapped, leaving behind only markings for where they were meant to go.

Paul Dixon, who represents the Millfield Ward, said that the erection of 17 security bollards between Trimdon Street and Hylton Road, would have solved a number of problems, reported the Sunderland Echo.

The junction has been used as an impromptu parking space and dumping ground, which Mr Dixon said was causing problems to individuals and businesses.

Speaking to the newspaper, he said that the use of traffic wardens would be ineffective.

He said: "Cars have been using the place for years and it just hasn't worked. There's no chance it will work now.

"As soon as the traffic warden goes, the cars just come straight back."

Instead of the security bollards, the council will monitor how "enforcement" works and respond to any issues that might arise.

Metal railings are to go up at a beauty spot in the Black Country to prevent drivers from using the area as a car park.

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Date: 14/06/2011 13:56:24

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