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Fear of 'drunken builders' leads businessman to request security fencing

Fear of 'drunken builders' leads businessman to request security fencing
A Shetland businessman wants security fencing erected around his property after expressing fears that drunken workers will invade the premises.

According to the Shetland News, French fuel giant Total has been given permission to develop an accommodation centre on the island that will host up to 850 workers.

They will stay in it while they  build a new £500 million gas plant.

The housing block will contain 424 twin bedrooms, a reception, dining and recreation area, a gym, a prayer room, shops, and a bar.

And it is the bar that is concerning Alan McKimm, owner of a shotblasting business next door to the site proposed for the project.

Objecting to the plans, Mr McKimm told a planning meeting that he did not want 25 years of peaceful business to be destroyed by drunken workers running riot on his site.

"I have lived in camps before and I know what it is like," the newspaper reported him as saying.

"You can't handcuff a man when he's full of drink and wants to run around an industrial estate."

Adding that he didn't have the cash to make his site secure, he has asked Total to help with improving security. That way, he said, "if [the men] are drunk and I go away at night I can make sure no one gets hurt".

The news provider reported that Shetland Islands Council will ask the firm to consider installing security fencing for Mr McKimm's business.


Date: 04/11/2010 14:30:00

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