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How should you secure your school perimeter?

Implementing a comprehensive security strategy for your school can help you monitor who is onsite, reduce health and safety risks, and prevent crime - and the variety of solutions out there can help you strike the right balance between security and your aesthetic considerations.

Designing a perimeter security strategy? Here are a few aspects you should consider to ensure you manage your school site in the best possible manner.

Performing a thorough risk assessment is an essential part of putting together your perimeter security strategy. Think about the type of risk to which your school might be vulnerable, such as theft, vandalism, and arson. Issues can also include heavy vehicle flow or a particular chance of accidental injury for younger pupils.

And with exposure to changeable weather conditions, it’s important to take a good look at the landscape around your site. For instance, are the foundations firm enough for fences? Are there any potential climbing aids, such as overhanging branches or storage bins? Increasingly, schools are built in urban or residential centres? if this is the case for your school site, consider your neighbours. Acoustic fencing can provide privacy and security, while reducing noise from inside and outside the school grounds.

There are many solutions to these risks and challenges, which can all play a vital part in your school’s security strategy. Some may be more appropriate for your school site than others, so thorough discussion with other decision-makers will help you to create the best strategy for your school’s needs.

For more on these challenges and solutions, download our Best Practice Guide to securing your school perimeter.

Date: 27/04/2017 11:30:00

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