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Emergency Gates at Blackheath

Emergency Gates at Blackheath

Key Challenge:

To upgrade/replace the emergency gates and pinch points at three locations around Greenwich

Jacksons Fencing products featured:

  • Jacksons timber uni-gates and timber gate posts, galvanised gate fittings and drop bolts.

As Term Contractor for the Royal Borough of Greenwich JB Riney was given the project of upgrading and/or replacing the emergency gates, in three different locations around Greenwich. This was identified as a key project that needed completion well before the Olympics in London in July 2012. The existing gates were old metal gates, which were rusted, battered and difficult to maintain and to operate. JB Riney were given the details of a specific type of gate Greenwich Council wanted to use as replacements for the old metal gates. Some of the criteria were that the gates be easily operated, secure and must be easy to maintain. With these key points in mind they carried out an extensive internet search to try to match the council’s requirements to specific products.

Jacksons timber uni-gates were identified in the search as ticking all the boxes: they were easy to operate, could be easily secured and most importantly the unique Jakcure vacuum pressure treatment Jacksons subject all their timber to, ensured they are guaranteed for 25 years, and would need no maintenance for the foreseeable future. The longevity of the product added value from a budgetary point of view and was obviously an added benefit.

Information on the Jacksons gates as suitable replacements were passed to Greenwich council for approval and on receiving the go-ahead, JB Riney approached Jacksons to carry out the upgrading of the gates.

On receiving the order for work to proceed Jacksons Fencing Manager, Peter Lawson set the gate replacement in motion, which was carried out by one of Jacksons installation teams, “Ray Parrish and his team installed the pairs of uni-gates, complete with fittings on Jacksons gates posts at each pinch point in an efficient manner and the job was completed well within the time allowed,” Peter Lawson was pleased to report. Val Feeney, Project Engineer for JB Riney had this to say on the successful conclusion of the project: “From the very first site survey and measurement made, Jacksons delivered a very professional approach, and had very competent personnel on this initiative. That in turn instilled a sense of confidence in the minds of all involved with this project. What’s more, the gates were installed on time by Jacksons, and we have had a lot of very good comments regarding the work carried out. With all this positive feedback we are very happy with the installation and would have no hesitation in using Jacksons again, should a similar project come our way.”

Date: 06/05/2015 10:59:00

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