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Ornamental Fencing At A Documentary Production Company

Ornamental Fencing Around Documentary Production Company

Key challenge

To create an inviting but secure fencing solution to complement the charm of the Victorian architecture

Products featured

These are the offices of a leading documentary production company whose award winning television and theatrical films have been seen around the world. Based in Hammersmith, London, the company has been responsible for the production of many critically acclaimed projects culminating in the winning of a prestigious BAFTA award.

Having built up a strong reputation for its pioneering new techniques and technologies, the production company has made a significant investment in state of the art equipment.

Following a periodic review of the operation of the building, the company’s Managing Director was keen to tighten physical security measures to achieve a more imposing boundary line and to ensure controlled access to the premises, thereby providing greater protection to the ground floor windows and main entrance.

However, although the brief to Jacksons clearly focused on the need to deliver a safe and robust perimeter security solution, there was also an over-riding requirement to ensure that the fencing / gates selected were not overly intimidating and complimented the aesthetic charm of the conservation area in which the offices are based. Finally given the high profile nature of the industry in which the company operates and the VIP status of a number of the visitors who frequent the Hammersmith offices, the company was keen to create a dramatic first impression at its prestigious London headquarters.

Other fencing companies were considered for the assignment, but Jacksons was selected ahead of its competitors due to the company’s ability to offer an inherently strong, striking design,which blended perfectly with the surrounding Victorian architecture. In addition, Jacksons recommendation represented a convenient ‘one stop shop’ as the company was able to handle the entire process from design through to completion, including activating the automation to the matching gate.

The product of choice for this installation was Jacksons Ornamental ‘Style A’ fencing along with an automated ornate level top gate presented in a sleek black finish, combined with an intercom system. This smart fencing boasts the grace and form of traditional wrought iron railings, but with the strength and durability of galvanised and powder coated steel. The success of the project rested on Jackson’s ability to design and manufacture an entirely bespoke product, built to the exacting measurements specified to deliver a seamless fitting around the existing walls, pillars and archways, which were already in situ.

Accuracy and attention to detail were crucial on this challenging assignment, but the teams’ dedication and professionalism ensured a flawless production.

The end result is a beautifully crafted; impressively grand yet highly secure entrance to the building, which unites practical functionality with effortless style.

Date: 30/03/2015 14:39:00

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