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Secure Tooting National Blood Centre Against Unauthorised Access

Secure Tooting National Blood Centre Against Unauthorised Access

Key Challenge

To secure a busy Blood Donor centre to protect against unauthorised access

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The Tooting Blood Centre is based in South West London and is part of the NHS Blood and Transplant service, which collects and provides blood supplies for hospitals in England and North Wales.

With 8,000 units of blood being required every day to meet hospital demand, the Tooting Blood Centre - one of 24 official apheresis centres across the UK - has a significant role to play in providing an efficient and comfortable experience for donors visiting the Tooting site.

Of equal importance is the need to ensure the Blood Centre represents a secure location, providing safe parking for staff whilst also minimising the risk of unwanted visitors gaining access to the main building.

When the Estate and Facilities Manager at the Tooting Centre first spoke to Jacksons Fencing, it was explained that the existing perimeter security arrangements were dated, offering limited protection to both staff and visitors attending the SW17 centre.

The primary aim was to create a Blood Centre destination, which ensured tighter access control, allowing only those with prior consent to gain admission to the premises. In addition to the security priorities, other key factors influencing the final recommendations from Jacksons were the need to create an aesthetically pleasing as well as financially acceptable solution!

The fundamental flaw with the current security architecture lay in the fact that unauthorised or unwanted visitors could easily gain admission to the main building via a number of entry routes. The main priority was therefore to contain access to the building from all angles.

A 2.4 m high run of Barbican security fencing was installed to provide a stylish, strong and ultra secure perimeter boundary to the car park adjacent to the main building. The addition of an automated sliding gate further enhanced the level of security, ensuring that only authorised personnel and visitors are able to access the car park, which provides a direct route to the main building. Since safety is always a paramount consideration for any site recommendations put forward by Jacksons, a one metre high Pedestrian Guard Rail was also included to ensure the absolute safety of car park users from the sliding gate when in motion.

Vulnerable access points were provided with enhanced protection following the installation of Rota Spike, Jacksons’ fence and gate topping deterrent which features sharp steel blades rotating on a steel tube. Rota Spike was fixed to the main building to prohibit an entry to the bike store / rest area, as well as to the boundary wall to prevent a route onto site via the neighbouring houses and flats.

Finally a run of Securi-Mesh – a high security welded mesh panel (and matching gate) provided an immediate visual deterrent to stop unauthorised access to the roof ladder.

The contract was awarded on value for money and on the basis of the commitment, enthusiasm and industry expertise evident within the team who attended site meetings and worked on the detailed designs put forward.

The final installation posed a challenge in its own right as the Blood Donor Centre represents a very busy site, with a constant flow of traffic and a restricted workspace. However, the project was successfully delivered on time and on budget, with the solution fully meeting NHSBT requirements.

Date: 01/05/2015 16:45:00

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