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Security fencing 'next option' as vandals destroy wall

Security fencing 'next option' as vandals destroy wall
A bowls club in Derbyshire is considering installing security fencing after vandals destroyed the wall surrounding the green.

Speaking to the Burton Mail, the chairman of Gresley Old Hall Ron Hyde said that he was "disgusted" with the damage caused.

"I was horrified to find all the bricks kicked in. It's made a right mess and it's going to take a lot of cleaning up, and going to cost around £1,500 to rebuild," he added.

"We have been talking about getting a fence put up the whole way around the site, and I think if this kind of thing keeps happening, it will be our only option."

Local police officers are currently investigating the incident.

Many local groups turn to high security fencing to keep vandals and thieves away from their property.

It was recently reported that members of an allotment in Southend are trying to raise funding for security fencing to deter vandals from destroying their crops.

Date: 12/10/2010 16:44:05

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