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Jacksons Calls For Safer Play Spaces

Jacksons Calls For Safer Play Spaces
Local fencing and access control specialist Jacksons Fencing is calling for improved standards of safety for public play areas following an accident at a Kemsley recreation ground, involving a large metal fence which fell onto a child.

The incident left the 10-year-old child with a nasty cut as well as bumps and bruises but could have been far more serious.  Jacksons claims more could have been done to avoid the 6 ft panel, which was part of a partition surrounding a basketball court, falling. Jacksons CEO Richard Jackson said, “it is quite clear that thankfully the child had a narrow escape and that his injuries could have been far more serious.  Given that the area represented a public play facility, more could have been done to follow through the duty of care to regularly check the safety of the equipment, especially given the fact that the local council was aware of previous vandalism attacks at the site.  If the play equipment had been installed with the appropriate risk assessments, the importance of anti-tamper / galvanised fixings would have been identified as a means to avoid the risk of the bolts being removed, which is what caused the panel to fall. This is yet another reminder of the importance of safety for areas where children are likely to be playing.  More needs to be done to protect children from the potential dangers associated with unsafe installations in public areas.”

Jacksons Fencing is a School Safety Mark approved supplier. 

Date: 03/04/2014 11:05:00

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