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Jaktronic Passes Prison Test

Jaktronic Passes Prison Test
Jaktronic, the innovative Perimeter Intruder Detection System from Jacksons Fencing, has passed stringent Home Office testing, making it eligible for Prison and Mental Health institution applications.

Jaktronic employs state of the art vibration sensor detectors, which are installed on the fence perimeter.  This enables the system to monitor and display any intrusion attempts with a high degree of accuracy and low false alarm rates. The advanced fence mounted electronic detection system underwent a gruelling five month false alarm monitoring assessment (by NOMS – National Offender Management Services) and during the evaluation period, it was scrutinised for its ability to maintain precision – even in the face of high wind speeds and heavy rainfall.

Key advantages of the Jaktronic system include:

  • Penetration attempts displayed with an accuracy of + or – 10 metres
  • One unit capable of covering 1600 m area so reduced requirement to lay down extra cables, making the system cost effective; easier to install and causing minimal site disruption
  • Does not require the installation of an independent weather station

Jaktronic can be installed on welded mesh or chain link fences, razor wire coils, vehicle gates, personnel gates and water conduits to provide a comprehensive standard of protection for the entire site.  The system is already in use at a high profile transport portal and was also incorporated into the security architecture for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.  Jaktronic is suitable for a wide range of applications including prisons; mental health institutions; airports; harbours;  military facilities; international borderlines; nuclear plants; water, electric and energy infrastructure facilities; train stations and data centres.

Richard Jackson, CEO of Jacksons Fencing comments ‘we are delighted with the recent Home Office approval of Jaktronic .  As a leading supplier of perimeter protection systems, we are able to offer our customers a wide choice of security products designed to match the specific requirements of every site.  We invest heavily in research and development to monitor the latest trends in intruder / terrorist activity to ensure our perimeter solutions are capable of withstanding not just the current, but also the predicted future, attacks against site security.  We have an active programme of new product development and we are currently reviewing the opportunity to introduce a ground-breaking seismic detection system”.

For more information on Jaktronic and how it could help with your project contact one of our sales advisers on 01233 750 393



Date: 28/03/2011 14:09:00

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