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Schools Encourage To Check Automated Gates During Summer Holidays

Schools Encourage To Check Automated Gates During Summer Holidays

Leicester company fined after child’s head trapped by electric gate at Dudley primary school

Almost a month since the companies associated with the electric gate that killed Karolina Golabek in 2010 were fined after a court ruled that they were guilty of breaching safety laws (the fines and court costs amounted to £150,000), a Leicester company has now been fined £3,300 + £773 court costs for its failure to follow the correct safety procedures for an electric gate at Pedmore Primary School, Stourbridge, Dudley. The negligent actions resulted in an eight-year-old boy trapping his head between the edge of the closing gate and the gate post, although thankfully he survived the accident.

The incident, which occurred in September 2012 represents yet another dramatic reminder of the price to pay for such an error, both in terms of the moral and financial costs. The company in question had recognized the need to fit suitable guarding but when the guard purchased did not fit, instead of postponing the job, installing an alternative guard, or simply demobilising the gate, they failed to make the correct judgment call.

Commenting on the case, Richard Jackson, founder of Gate Safe and CEO of Jacksons Fencing, says “Schools are a natural site for automated gates, where strict access control is essential. Sadly, we are aware that many schools remain oblivious to the significant safety risks potentially posed by an automatic gate unless it is fitted and maintained by a suitably qualified installer. As a Gate Safe Aware Installer we urge all schools to have their gates regularly checked (a minimum of every six months) and in particular, to take advantage of the looming summer holidays which provide the ideal opportunity to have any automated gates thoroughly vetted to ensure they remain safe and compliant.

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Date: 15/07/2014 10:28:00

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