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Security fencing to be part of standardised school designs

Security fencing to be part of standardised school designs
A new streamlined design process means that councils can now choose standardised school designs from a brochure, which could help authorities burdened with spending cuts.

Sunesis, the company behind the schools catalogue, is offering three models, each with different numbers of rooms and different features, but all with car parking, a hard court games area, markings for a running track and security fencing, reports

The three designs are the 'no frills' Keynes, or the more expensive Paxton complete with more rooms, underfloor heating and triple glazing.

Newton is the final option, and is intended for sites near busy roads, because as well as benefiting from school fencing, it has a playground at the centre of the school, designed to be a safe haven.

Earlier this month, it was reported by Hemel Today that perimeter security fencing has been added to a failing school in Hemel Hempstead as part of measures to improve it.

Date: 04/02/2011 17:12:13

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