Timber Bollards

Our timber bollards come in a variety of sizes and heights with the timber being Jakcure® treated giving it a 25 year guarantee.


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Timber Bollard Features

  • Reflectors available: Red/Amber/White
  • Machine round or square styles
  • Ideal for demarcation applications
  • More cost effective for low risk sites
  • Bollards Timber ABCD

    Bollard A is machine rounded with chamfered top

    Bollard B is machine rounded & grooved

    Bollard C square with shaped top 

    Bollard D square top and grooved

    Timber Bollards Specifications

    Type Width (mm)  Height (mm)
        900mm  1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm  2400mm 3000mm  3600mm 6000mm
    A 75mm  ⧍ ⧍               
       100mm  ⧍  ⧍  ⧍  ⧍   ⧍ ⧍       
       125mm  ⧍  ⧍  ⧍    ⧍  ⧍  ⧍   
       150mm ⧍  ⧍  ⧍    ⧍  ⧍ 
    125mm  ⧍   ⧍   ⧍       
       150mm ⧍  ⧍   ⧍ ⧍    ⧍       
     140mm ⧍               
       150mm         ⧍       
      175mm  ⧍        ⧍       
     D 140mm   ⧍              

    Δ = Height and types available

    Please note that our square 2.1m x 175mm and our 2.4m x 150/175mm timber bollards are stress relieved by having a saw cut in the middle of one side allowing the timber to move as it dries out or swells in accordance to the weather, avoiding unsightly splits.