Campaigners are hopeful that a council review will lead to the installation of crash barriers at a "killer" riverside road in Fenland, Cambridgeshire.

The council will test the soil at Bedlam Bridge, in March, to see if the barriers can be put up, Cambs Times24 reports.

Members of the Fenland Road Safety Campaign have been fighting for three years for barriers, following the death of a young girl.

Graham Chappell raised £5,000 towards a barrier project and has handed the cash to the council, who are considering a mixture of private and public funding.

Amanda Mays, accident investigation and prevention team leader for the council, was quoted by the news provider as saying: "If this is something the local community wants and is raising money for it, in the current economic climate it is important we help people who want to help themselves."

Engineers will trial some test posts at the site, leaving them for 28 days before checking for resistance and durability.