Steel fencing could help to solve future incidents of illegal encampments at a former airfield in the New Forest.

Hampshire Police, whose officers evicted the travellers with a section 61 order, told the Salisbury Journal that around 15 tonnes of waste had been littered around the site.

The site has no real security to prevent access, which steel fencing would provide.

In total, 50 caravans and cars had set up camp.

A police spokesman told the newspaper that the operation to move the travellers on was a success and they were not met with any hostility.

He said: "We left the site with about four or five vehicles still to come off and they will be removed when the owners return.
"There has been damage to the terrain but now it is down to nature to take over and to restore it to how it was previously."
In Colchester a councillor wants a similar barrier erected to stop travellers camping near a stadium, where an order preventing use of the land expired.

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