The importance of keeping security fencing secure has been highlighted after thieves broke through a hole in the fence surrounding a farm shop in Kent, making off with close to 100 Christmas trees.

According to KentOnline, sisters Val Smith and Tina Coburn, who run The Barn Shop in Challock, came to work on Monday morning to find 93 trees worth £1,500 had been stolen.

Miss Smith told the news provider: "There was a gaping hole in the fence so they must have got them out through there but they took the netting machine as well.

"It's just unbelievable really. I think it will be hard to get them back. You see people selling them on the side of the road but you just wouldn't know whether it was kosher or not."

Recently, a grandmother in Wales said she believed that youths were passing through a hole in the fencing at her home, running across the roof of her property late at night.