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Oil Perimeter Security

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Jacksons offers a nationwide installation service for all of its products. All installation team personnel have undergone the relevant comprehensive professional training and are suitably qualified and accredited under the CSCS certification scheme.

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Perimeter Security fencing for Oil refineries

At Jacksons we specialise in high security solutions such as high security fencing for oil refineries and gas stations. Our wide range of high security facilities are tested in the harshest conditions and against maximum force to ensure they provide the ultimate security enclosures for your premises.

We have a range of products that would secure a high risk area, from fencing to perimeter intrusion detection systems.


Our Jaktronic range is probably the most sophisticated electronic detection enhancement available today. Jaktronic has been designed and tested in the most extreme of environments  and ideal for oil perimeter security, or gas installations.




Another alternative to heighten the security around your perimeter is our Alarma-fence which can be installed on top of your existing fence, a highly visible deterrent with low maintenance.

Keep your site perimeter secure with our security fencing, which includes anti scale features along with anti tamper proof fixings. Our vertical bar range of fencing incorporates into the design a pale through rail connection for maximum strength and security. Providing high levels of security without compromising on style.

Oil Perimeter Security

About Jacksons

Jacksons Security Fencing are at the forefront of high security fencing for any environment. Whether you require sports fencing through to intruder deterrent and detection around commercial properties, we can provide a reliable security fencing solution for you.

With over 60 years experience of providing fencing and access solutions, our unrivalled expertise allows us to offer the right solutions for almost any given fencing and access application in virtually every given circumstance.

Whatever your security fencing requirement, Jacksons Commercial has the solution to meet your metal fencing needs.

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