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Trident® Jakoustic 3

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Jacksons offers a nationwide installation service for all of its products. All installation team personnel have undergone the relevant comprehensive professional training and are suitably qualified and accredited under the CSCS certification scheme.

Trident® Jakoustic 3 | High Security Fencing

High Security Acoustic Fencing

Trident® Jakoustic 3 system is of sandwich construction comprising two facings of interlocking ‘V’ timber boards, interlined with a layer of high security steel mesh 2.28m above ground. The interlocking ‘V’ coupled to a tongue and groove locates the boards in such a way that eliminates gaps even when boards shrink and expand with changes in the weather. The totally flat attack face, high security steel mesh interlining and combination of unlike construction materials makes the fence extremely difficult to scale or penetrate.

  • Reinforcing layer of high security mesh
  • Complete with coiled razor wire toppings
  • 28dB* plus potenital reduction in noise
  • High security with an attractive "natural" presentation
  • 25-year Jakcure® guarantee

*Jakoustic barrier certified laboratory results: 1998 

Rating according to BS EN 1793-2

Category = B3

Laboratory sound reduction 28dB

Superficial mass 25kg/m2 (single layer)



  • Jakcure® treated as standard


Overall Height Including Topping (mm) Post Centres (mm)
Post Dimensions (mm)
3900 2410 Dimensions to suit fence Concertina razor wire

*This product is CPNI approved at the tested height, other heights/specifications are available for this product on request

Post Options

  • Over length set in concrete as standard
  • Base plated to bolt down onto concrete

Trident® Jakoustic 3

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