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High Security Fencing

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High Security Fencing

Jacksons High Security Fencing delivers integrated perimeter security and access control solutions for a wide variety of applications; from the decorative and secure to the secure and intimidating. When high security fencing is the only viable option our specialist products are designed to provide the highest level of protection possible.

Our range of high security fencing will allow you to have piece of mind and provide maximum protection against intruders. Each high security fencing system has it's own specific attributes allowing you to choose the right height security fencing system for you.

To meet the demands on perimeter security in light of new and escalating threats, we have invested heavily in the development of High Security fencing systems designed to be employed in the highest security situations, against a range of threats from determined intrusion to the mitigation of collateral damage. This investment was born from a realisation that you cannot simply go on stretching the performance limits of existing products against increasingly sophisticated, determined and audacious attacks and expect them to cope.

These pages deal with our High Security Fencing range that includes intruder detection systems and crash rated products and secure storage enclosures.

Ultimate high security fencing Ultimate High Security Fencing

Our range of government approved high security fencing

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Range of electronic enhancements to add onto a fence line creating a comprehensive integrated protection solution

PAS 68 Bollards PAS 68 Bollards

Available in either automated or manual

PAS 68 Road Blocker PAS 68 Road Blocker

Range of PAS 68 Road Blockers available for various applications

Linebacker crash fencing PAS 68 Crash Fencing - Linebacker

PAS 68 crash fencing

Secured by Design Products Secured by Design Products

Products that have been accredited by Secured by Design

Our High Security Fencing range can be used as a solution when a higher level of security is required for a project. The comprehensive range includes LCPB approved fencing products with differing security requirements and attendant budget implications, to be specified within a uniform appearance – and that means you won’t draw attention to vulnerable or sensitive parts of a site and that costs are proportionate to the levels of security afforded. We recognise the simple truth that no single element of high security, whether it’s the fence, gate, blocker, barrier, electric fence deterrent, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) or CCTV can operate to optimum effectiveness in isolation. The most effective perimeter security solutions integrate a number of technologies to deter, detect, delay and frustrate attempts to gain unauthorised access.

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