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Metal gates installed to stop alley yobs

Metal gates installed to stop alley yobs
Metal gates look set to be installed in an alleyway in Bradford in a bid to shut out gangs of racist yobs.

Residents in the Wrose area of the city have suffered abuse from groups of up to 40 people, reportedly carrying weapons as they tread the streets at night. Underage drinking and urinating in gardens are some of their misdemeanours.

A resident told the Telegraph & Argus that he had suffered racial abuse and one person had been physically attacked.

Bradford Council is now set to install metal gates worth £5,000 in the alleyway the gangs frequent.

Sergeant Khalid Khan, speaking at a committee meeting about the proposal, said: "We have had reports of 30 to 40 of them coming down and causing problems, not just for the residents of Livingstone Close but in Kings Drive, which is predominantly elderly residents.

"We have spoken to them but they have been absolutely petrified to even report incidents."

Bradford Council said it would need to be shown that high-level crime was taking place in order to install metal gating. It is also used as a right of way.

The committee voted in favour of the gates, but now the funding needs to be secured for the proposal to go ahead.

Date: 23/09/2010 13:04:00

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