We hope that the questions below will help to answer your own queries, if there is anything else we can help with, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 408 2236.

If I live near the sea will galvanising protect my gate or fence?

Not on it's own, depending on how close you are to the sea there are solutions either standard powder coating or special marine coating.

Why does steel fencing have to be galvanised?

The galvanised coating protects the metal and prevents rusting. Find out more about galvanisation here.

What is the difference between Galfan finish and galvanisation on steel?

Galfan® coating is an enhanced galvanising process that has aluminium added to zinc that gives up to 4 times the life of normal galvanisation. Find out more of the different types of fence coating here.

If I wanted to paint the fence does it also need to be galvanised?

Yes, the way the protection works is the galvanised steel stops the paint being "pushed off" when it rusts, although the fencing will need to be treated and primed to enable the paint to stick. Alternatively Jacksons can offer powder coating.

What is polyester powder coating? and why is polyester powder coating better than painting?

Polyester powder coating is a method of painting that ensures that there is a consistent all over the product, while conventional painting will have an uneven coating that can lead to the failure of the paint. Find out more about polyester powder coating here.

What is the normal lead time?

We have a large stock but if what you require is not in stock our target is three weeks for galvanised products and four weeks for galvanised and powder coated.

What is the lead time for installation?

Typically the lead time for installation matches the lead time for materials.

Is it possible to cut the fencing down to suit a certain width?

Any of our steel panels can be cut down to suit but you will need to treat the cut ends, we can supply this for galvanised finish and for galvanised and powder coated.

Do you supply and install or only supply?

We can do whatever best suits the customer - from supply only, to design, manufacture, supply, install and automate.

Do you sub contract your installation teams?

We have a team of fencers all over the country that we have used for many years, although technically they are sub contractors, because they are used regularly they fully understand all of our installation techniques.

Do you make special fencing and gates?

Yes we have a huge expertise in making bespoke products for all markets.

If I am looking for a bespoke product and / or site drawings, can you draw it for me prior to me buying it?

Yes, for all non standard products we will provide drawings for approval prior to manufacture.

Can you automate gates?

Yes, we have a team of engineers that have been trained in house to give the level of service and expertise that is required for the installation of an automatic gate or barrier.

Do you offer service/maintenance contracts for automated gates and barriers?

Yes we do, under the current health and safety regulations you have a legal responsibility to have all powered gates/barriers maintained on a regular basis by a suitable qualified engineer and that a proper record is kept. Jacksons Fencing's maintenance contracts are specifically designed to cover you under the regulations and ensure you receive optimum safe performance.

Do I need planning permission for my fence?

If you are replacing an existing fence the answer is no, as long as the new fence is the same height & style as the fence being replaced. If it is a new fence, planning will almost certainly be required, you should always check with your local planning council.

Do I need planning permission for fence spikes?

Installation of security fence spikes may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval, please consult your relevant Local Authority department.

At what height can I add security spikes to my fence?

There is not a hard and fast rule, but normally 2m is what is accepted but it must be where the general public cannot accidentally come to contact with the spikes.

Can I see any of the security fencing at any of your fencing centres?

We have some security fencing at all of our fencing centres, alternatively we could advise where there is a site near you where we have done an installation.

Why do schools need acoustic fencing?

Complaints about school noise and press reports reveal that schools have cancelled breaks and hard ball games to avoid a noise abatement order. One school was even investigated after claims that children were laughing too loudly. Find out more about acoustic fencing for schools here.