Timber Fence Posts

Our timber fence posts are designed for use with our timber fence panels. All our fence posts are made from superior quality timber that has been treated with our unique, accredited Jakcure® treatment process.

Heavy duty posts should be used when overall fence height is above 2000mm, in areas of high wind or the fence is steeply stepped.


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Timber Fence Posts Features

  • Stand non slotted fence post
  • Standard Jakposts: 100 x 100 mm
  • Heavy Duty Jakposts: 120 x 124 mm
  • Both planed finish with two 50 x 25 mm slots for panels
  • Pressure treated to Class 4
  • Timber posts are available to buy online, visit www.jacksons-fencing.co.uk



Timber Fence Posts Specifications

Panel  Height
Post Length
600 1200
800/900 1500
 1050/1200 1800
1350/1500 2100
1650/1800 2400
2100 2700
2400 3000
2700 3300
3000 3600