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Security Electric Fence topping | Alarm aFence®

Available exclusively through Jacksons, Alarm-aFence® is a cost effective and reliable combined alarm and electric fence deterrent designed to provide a physical barrier that delivers a non-lethal electric shock and alerts any attempted intrusion. Often used to provide additional security and protection to the perimeter of many of the UK's key Critical National Infrastructure sites.

Alarm-aFence® can be attached to the top of most existing perimeter fences or walls and can also be used as a stand-alone fence within an existing perimeter, offering high visibility and increased security. Furthermore, the systems can be controlled and monitored on their own secure network or easily interfaced with a third party security alarm monitoring system, to further increase perimeter security. The systems are zoned in accordance to the site operational requirements or CCTV zone specification requirements for remote monitoring and alarm verification.

Conforms to BS EN 1722-17 - specification for electric security fences - design. installation and maintenance.

Complies with all current standards including IEC 60335-2-76.

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Alarm aFence® Features

  • Alarm signal linked via the controller can be configured to activate sirens, lights, phone diallers etc
  • Delivers non-lethal electric shock
  • Optional zoning of fence to isolate point of attempted breach
  • Features high tensile wires spaced at every 50-100mm with a safe, high voltage pulse sent down alternate wires every second
  • Complies with all current standards including IEC 60335 -2-76
  • Installation and annual maintenance contracts available
  • All systems are checked by our in-house technicians to make sure they comply with Jacksons Code of Practice. Subject to a satisfactory check a certificate of compliance is issued
  • System activates 60 times a minute to maintain security
  • Can be installed in almost any situation
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

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✔ Logistics and distribution companies

✔ Power and water companies

✔ Oil refineries

✔ High risk applications


We recommend "Danger Signs" are used every 8-10m and change in direction along a fence line incorporating security extras capable of causing injury even through misuse.

Alarm-aFence® Specifications

Siren Output
 12v DC
Strobe Output
 12v DC
 Standby Battery
 7AH 12 volt lead acid battery
 Charging Voltage
 18 volts AC
 Standby Time
 9-10 joules
 Power Consumption
 Output energy
 5 joules
 Output Voltage
 5700 volts

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