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Whether you require advice on a high security site that involves protecting CNI or the use of Security Rated products, are working on a school project, or want to understand more about acoustic barriers, you'll find the information you need in one of our guides below. If there's anything else you require assistance with or there's a topic you would like us to cover, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Acoustic Fencing Guides


Guide to managing noise pollution

Managing acoustics in and around your project can be made simpler and easier with acoustic barriers, which are specially designed to absorb or reflect sound as it travels between a noise source and its receiver. Find out what to consider when choosing an acoustic barrier.


Acoustic fencing made simple

A short factsheet about the types of acoustic barriers, their benefits, and applications.

High Security Guides


Critical National Infrastructure Guide

Our CNI guide assesses the challenges and solutions involved in securing sites which are critical to the running of a country. It offers an overview of the sector and solutions for securing CNI and Utilities, with examples of sites that we've provided security for.


Guide To LPS 1175 Security Rated Fencing

We have a wide range of fencing and gates that have been tested and certified to withstand serious attempts at forced entry after undergoing the LPS 1175 test devised by LPCB. During testing, our fencing withstood 10-30 minute attacks from Category A-E tools from screwdrivers, pliers and knives, to top end battery powered tools often used by fire and rescue service, providing different products with ratings of A1-E10 under Issue 8, the equivalent of SR1-SR5 under Issue 7. We explain the different security ratings and how products are classified in this helpful guide.

School Fencing and Education Guides


Why choose Jacksons Fencing

Discover why Jacksons is the best choice for your school, understanding your safety, security, and amenity requirements, whatever the size or location of your site.


How should you secure your school perimeter?

The perimeter is the most vulnerable part of a school, and it needs to be well planned in order to keep staff and students safe inside, control access to outside visitors, and still create a welcoming appearance, as it is the first thing prospective students and parents will see when visiting.


How to choose the right fencing for your school

For help and advice on choosing the right fencing and gates for your school, download our school fencing guide.

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We have a huge range of content ready for immediate download, from whitepapers on gate automation, places of worship and data centres, reports on schools, noise pollution and the high security landscape, and shorter insights into security for utilities and independent schools.