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Security Fencing

We manufacture a wide range of security fencing solutions, including vertical bar railings, welded mesh panels, acoustic barriers, LPS 1175 security rated fencing, and fencing approved for government use. All our security fencing is made in the UK using high quality steel, and is guaranteed for 25 years as standard.

Our security fencing is guaranteed for 25 years, and manufactured from premium quality steel that is hot dip galvanised or zinc alloy coated for protection from corrosion, with galvanised or stainless steel fixings. Additionally, we have a polyester powder coating plant on site, providing a huge range of colour coatings, and allowing us complete control and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Our vertical bar railings offer a welded pale-through-rail construction for strength and style. Concealed panel to post connectors and tamper proof bolts mean the vertical bar fencing range is an extremely secure alternative to triple point palisade fencing, which we do not manufacture due to its inherent weaknesses.

Throughout our range of welded mesh panels, wire gauge is measured before coating to provide an accurate estimate of strength. From twin wire and v mesh fencing types, to 358 prison mesh and double skin panels, we have a style to suit your security needs.

25 Year Guarantee

25 year guarantee

Using a combination of high quality materials, expert manufacturing processes, and premium finishes, we include a 25 year guarantee with every steel and timber product, as well as a 25 month guarantee for automated products.


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Are you working on a project that requires security fencing? We design, manufacture, deliver, and install security fencing for all sectors, from commercial sites, schools and transport, to residential developments, high security sites, data centres, and utilities. Security is not a one size fits all approach, and we will work with you to provide a tailored solution for your site. Contact us now with your requirements for a free, no obligation quote.

Security fencing options

All our security fencing is made from premium quality galvanised steel and is guaranteed for 25 years. We offer various levels of security to suit different risks, threats or vulnerabilities. Our matching security gates offer complete access control suited to requirements with additional access control solutions to manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic in and around your site.

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There are a wide range of security toppings available, from barbed wire to spikes and rotary systems, but when should you use them and why?

What you need to consider

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Before choosing a perimeter security system, there are certain aspects you need to consider, such as landscape, material, maintenance and standards. Find out more in our helpful guide.

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Perimeter security

The 5 Ds of perimeter security form a model based on the onion principle that is essential for designing and specifying a perimeter security solution.

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How tall should security fencing be? Our blog post explores the importance of height in security fencing selection, and looks at other essential factors for ensuring maximum site protection and safety.

Commercial Security Fencing

Site security decision-makers at businesses will know how important it is to protect commercial premises against the risk of attacks. Commercial security fencing delivers ultimate site protection for almost any possibility, from vandalism and break-ins, to high-level threats to critical infrastructure. Security fencing can also be tailor-made to accommodate site-specific threats, making protection at any commercial facility the best it can possibly be. Welded mesh panels and security gates are security fencing options that will suit commercial operations, offering maximum access control and guarding against intruders at all times.

Residential Security Fencing

Garden and home security is a major concern for many homeowners that can be solved by installing security fencing. At Jacksons our fencing is designed with both aesthetics and protection in mind, whether you are looking for a decorative yet secure fence or something more intimidating. 

With security fencing comes a wide range of choices, with each type of fencing having varying security levels. For low to medium levels of security a welded mesh fence would suit, however for higher security fencing our Barbican range would be an ideal choice. This range includes different styles of toppings that add different levels of security to your perimeter.