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Cobra® Spike Rotary is an aggressive rotating anti-climb wall spike manufactured for high security sensitive installations. Cobra Spike Rotary is made up of two lengths of modified Cobra spike affixed to a 3.0m x 41mm galvanised tube. These units are installed using a bracket, which has a stub axle on that runs through the bracket, this leaves it free to turn providing an unstable barrier that is extremely difficult and dangerous to try and negotiate.

25 year service life guarantee

In some cases, the installation of security extras may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval, if in doubt, please consult your relevant Local Authority department.

Note: We recommend ‘Danger Signs’ are used every 8-10m along a fence line incorporating security extras capable of causing injury even through misuse.

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Cobra® Spike Rotary Features

  • Virtually Impossible to climb over
  • Highly aggressive physical and phycological barrier
  • Heavily ribbed for strength
  • Hot dip galvanised against corrosion


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Standard Colours
  • Black RAL 9005
  • Green RAL 6005
  • Grey RAL 7012
  • Blue BS 20-C-40
  • Blue RAL 5010
  • Red RAL 3020
  • Yellow RAL 1018
  • Brown RAL 8017
  • White RAL 9010
  • Other colours are available on request

  • Standard powder coating colours:

    RAL colours steel fencing
    Standard Finishes
  • Hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461 as standard
  • Hot dip galvanised and powder coated to BS EN 13438 in one of our standard colours at extra cost
  • Powder coating to non standard BS or RAL to special order
  • Marine coating for applications near sea water (optional extra)
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