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Whether you require security bollards for access control, separating vehicles and pedestrians, or hostile vehicle mitigation, we offer a range of bollards and barriers to suit your requirements. We offer many types of bollards including automatic bollards, fixed bollards, anti-ram bollards, parking bollards, and timber bollards, suitable for driveways through to high security applications.

We manufacture a wide range of security bollards designed to enhance your perimeter security and improve your access control capabilities. Whether you require retractable bollards, street bollards, or driveway bollards, Jacksons Fencing is able to provide steel bollards in fixed and automatic styles, PAS 68 crash rated bollards, and timber bollards in various styles. All of our bollards are all guaranteed for 25 years.


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Our range of security bollards

Find out more about the types of bollards we manufacture, supply, and install for a wide and varied range of applications.

Automatic rising bollards

Our range of automatic rising bollards represent the latest technology in access control solutions.

Many design innovations make it easy to handle and install, but most importantly their performance is market leading, and overall lifetime costs are exceptionally competitive when measured against alternative options.

Activated by any access control system or remote control, automated rising bollards are an alternative solution to static bollards, allowing regulation of traffic into certain zones with high vehicle flow, (e.g. restricted areas, pedestrian areas, parking and industrial sites) and can be installed into residential settings for driveways and private car parks.

Available with a diameter of 275mm, and a height of 600mm or 800mm.

Galvanised steel Bollards

Our static round and square metal bollards are galvanised to BS EN 1461 and can additionally be polyester powder coated in a range of colours, or marine coated for extra protection in coastal areas. These static metal bollards are ideal for public areas and parks; their decorative design suiting both modern and heritage sites, where demarcation is necessary. 

Harrier PAS 68 Crash Rated Bollards

Our PAS 68 Crash Rated Bollards are designed to protect areas where perimeter protection, demarcation, and vehicular attack are considerations. Options include both static and automatic bollards which are galvanised as standard, while stainless steel can be added as an optional extra.

Timber Bollards

Timber bollards are ideal for demarcation applications in low risk sites and can even be used as alternatives to verge marker posts. They have a low environmental impact and a pleasing aesthetic, making them a great choice for parks, play areas, and residential zones. Our timber bollards are available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of specifications with. heights ranging from 0.9m to 2.4m. All our timber bollards are kiln-dried and pressure treated for longevity, and come with a 25 year guarantee.

Do bollards require maintenance?

Fixed bollards with a 25 year guarantee and made from galvanised steel or pressure treated timber require minimal maintenance if installed correctly; occasional light cleaning to approve the appearance or make them more visible if they have become dull and dirty. They should also be gently pushed every so often to ensure the foundations have not become loose. This is particularly important with crash rated bollards (hostile vehicle mitigation measures). Automated bollards should be serviced regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly as any malfunction could cause serious delays or security issues. Again this is important with crash rated products as they must be able to be rapidly deployed to be effective against vehicle attacks.

What are bollards?

Bollards are metal or timber posts installed in the ground to provide a barrier, demarcation, parking indication, or anti-ram protection. Bollards can be fixed or semi-removable by either folding down or retracting into the ground. Bollards differentiate from fencing or barriers as they should be spaced to allow pedestrian access but stop vehicular access.

What are bollards used for?

Bollards can be used to provide safety and demarcate where pedestrians and vehicles should be. They are often used in vehicle parking areas to indicate where a vehicle should stop. Bollards are also commonly used in public places, high streets, and around transport hubs to protect against vehicle-as-weapon attacks. Retractable bollards are sometimes used at vehicle entrances as an additional or alternative measure to a gate or barrier, to delay and deny vehicles from entering until permitted.