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British Fencing and Gate Manufacturer Since 1947

British Manufacturer

Jacksons is proud of its British heritage. Since 1947 when the company was first established in the county of Kent, the heart of the Garden of England, the business has always remained true to its British roots.

As a British designer, manufacturer and supplier, Jacksons employs approximately 240 staff at its Kent head office, making it one of the largest employers in the area. Additional staff are employed at the Somerset and Cheshire offices and the company also provides jobs for a number of Fencing Managers who are strategically located around the UK.

As a successful independent British company Jacksons is not only an employment provider. The company also takes great pride in its continuing commitment to preserving the honed skills and craftsmanship that are integral to maintaining Jacksons’ reputation for quality and regularly brings new apprentices into the business to retain this home grown expertise.

By buying British, our customers can be confident that they are adopting a responsible approach towards minimising the damage to the environment via reduced transportation and energy costs. In addition our unique 25-year guarantee represents a significant step towards cutting both the financial and environmental costs associated with replacing traditional timber and steel products. And as you would expect from a company that places sustainability high on the management agenda, our portfolio is backed by a range of certifications that promotes an environmentally responsible approach to production.

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