Manual and Automatic Metal Security Gates

Metal Security Gates

We manufacture and install a range of metal security gates, available in our standard sizes or for bespoke projects. Our styles include swing, tracked sliding, cantilever and bi-folding speed gates.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of metal security gates for a range of applications including commercial, high security and education sites, offering security for vehicle or pedestrian access. All our security gates styles have matching fencing to complement the gate if required.

Our metal security gate options include:

- Manual Gates - A proven, simple and cost effective solution, manual gates are the most commonly used for both pedestrian and vehicle access. All our fence styles come available with matching manual gates.

- Automated Gates - Convenient and providing a higher level of security than manual gates, automated gates are available in a range of styles and designs.

- Tracked Sliding Gates - Space efficient where space beyond the gate is restricted and suitable for high and heavy gate designed. Almost always automated and provide a good level of security.

- Cantilever Sliding Gates - Also suited to sites with limited space, they are the best choice where there is sloped or uneven ground as they do not require tracks and can be single of double leaf in design.

- Bi-Folding Speed Gate - These are best suited to sites where the gate is subject to high wind loading or where there is limited space for swing gates.

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What Type of Security Gate Suits Your Site

Different gate types are suited to different applications, for example sliding gates are an ideal solution when there is limited space for a swing gate. However, when opening and closing you have to remember that the same width of your gate will need to be clear on the side to accommodate for the gate to run back when opening.

Swing gates are a perfect choice for smaller entrance gaps such as public footpaths, playground gates and pedestrian school gates or where there is insufficient space for a sliding gate to have a run back.

Bi-Folding Gates are another style of gate designed for sites where there is limited space, they can also be installed to create air-locks where there is a requirement for stricter access control and higher security.

Remember that if you are automating your security gate to have the relevant safety devices in place to make it safe. If you are unsure have a look at our Gate Safety Check List.

For more help and guidance on gates and gate automation, download our free whitepaper on the topic.

Top 10 factors to consider when choosing a metal security gate:

- Identify the risks: Before installation, a thorough risk assessment should take place, considering the immediate and longer-term use of the site as well as identification of hazards, threats and their impact.

- Manual or automated: If the gate or barrier is essential to daily site operations, it may be beneficial to choose an automated gate solution. Space and access control systems will also determine which type is best suited to the application.

- Function and placement: Consider the space the gate is required to fit, including the potential opening and closing of the gate. A site with limited space may be better suited to sliding gates, whereas other sites may be suited to swing gates.

- Style: If a gate is being used for security purposes and it sits adjacent to fencing, ensuring that the gate and fence line match in style as failure to do this could result in a weakness in perimeter security.

- Space: The wider the gap the heavier it will be meaning if automated it will need a heavier duty motor.

- Gate usage: Is the gate being used for pedestrian of vehicular access? It is important to ensure that vehicles and pedestrians are kept safely apart and to identify whether a single or double leaf gate is required to fit the space and how it is going to be operated.

- Access control: How will authorised access be controlled through the barrier? Both entry and exit can be controlled by guards and/or electronic access control.

- Maintenance: Once security gates have been installed, ongoing safety maintenance is crucial to ensuring proper operation. Gates should also be kept clean and in good condition and regularly assessed by qualified engineers, particularly if automated.

- Guarantee: Does the automation equipment have a warranty? All automation products supplied and installed by Jacksons Fencing are covered by a 25 month parts and labour guarantee, subject to a service contact being taken out in the second year.

- Security: High security applications may also want to consider the use of LPS 1175 Certified, CPNI Approved and Secured by Design gates.

For more help and advice to choosing the right security gate, read our blog here.