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Keeper Rising Arm Barrier

Jacksons counter balance design rising arm barrier is available in two designs, either widths below 6m or over 6m. Manually operated rising arm barrier 1 - 7.5m wide manufactured from galvanised steel. Cleverly constructed to maintain ease of operation.

Counterbalanced Rising Arm Barrier up to 6m wide constructed from 100 x 56mm Aluminium section white powder coated arm, 50 x 50mm baseplated slam post  and 200 x 100mm baseplated hanging post (100 x 50mm RHS welded together).

Counterbalanced Rising Arm Barrier 6.1m - 7m wide constructed from 60.3mm diameter, 80 x 60mm base plated slam post and 200 x 200mm base plated hanging post (100 x 100mm RHS welded together).

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Keeper Rising Arm Barrier Features

  • Manual Operation
  • Galvanised to BS EN 1461
  • 1.0m-7.0m (11.0m double)
  • Two designs; for widths under 6m or for widths over 6m
  • Counterbalanced for ease of operation
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