How does acoustic fencing work?

Whether it’s noisy neighbours, the sound of busy roads, or the hubbub associated with commercial premises, acoustic fencing is an ideal solution in a wide variety of situations.

There are different types of acoustic barriers available, but we choose to manufacture our acoustic barriers from timber because of its strength, natural aesthetic and its ability as a material to be transformed into an excellent barrier to noise.

All our acoustic barriers come with a 25 year guarantee, due to our unique Jakcure® preservative pressure treatment, which protects against all forms of wet and dry rot, and insect attack.

But how do they work?

There are two main types of acoustic barriers available - reflective and absorptive. As the names suggest, reflective barriers reduce noise by reflection, while absorptive barriers reduce noise through absorption. The principle design of the two different types is the same: V shaped timber boards that interlock to minimise gaps that sound could travel through, slotted into strong timber or steel I beams depending on the height. With Jakoustic® Reflective barriers, sound waves reflect off the flat profile of the fence, reducing noise by up to 28dB. Jakoustic® Absorptive has an additional layer of absorptive mineral fibre on one side, which traps and breaks down sounds, reducing noise levels by up to 32dB.

In virtually every application for an environmental noise barrier, at least one reflective plane will be present from which sound can be reflected or absorbed by introducing a barrier of sufficient mass. The way sound travels is disrupted, therefore reflecting it off the face of the barrier or absorbing through the fibrous layer.

The effectiveness of an acoustic barrier is determined by five main factors:

  • Material Density
  • Barrier Construction
  • Barrier Height
  • Distance between noise source and receiver
  • Relative height of source and receiver with respect to barrier
  • Material density and barrier construction relate to sound transmission in practical terms, the greater the mass of the barrier the less the sound. However, the structural integrity of the barrier is critical to its performance as gaps will allow sound to find a direct path through the barrier – therefore it is vital that acoustic fencing should be constructed with no air gaps and sealed to the ground to prevent sound leaking through. On top of this, acoustic barriers should be placed as close as is conveniently possible to the source of the noise to obtain optimum performance.


    Acoustic Research Report

    We all know noise can be annoying and disturb our sleep and daily living environments, but can it actually affect our health and wellbeing? World Health Organisation (WHO) advice found that excessive noise seriously harms human health and interferes with people’s daily activities at school, at work, at home and during leisure time. It can even cause cardiovascular and psychophysiological effects, and changes in social behaviour. We wanted to investigate these claims, and conducted our own research report, which uncovered some alarming findings. Download your free copy here.


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    Available styles of acoustic fencing

  • 12k Acoustic Envirofence®: Lighter than our usual Jakoustic® fencing, 12k Envirofence® is perfect for installations where the required noise reduction is lower that which would be provided by the standard Jakoustic® range. 
  • Jakoustic® Reflective: Our Jakoustic® Reflective barrier uses heavy section planed timber boards to reflect noise away, reducing noise by up to 28dB*. With anti climb and scale design, Jakoustic® Reflective offers both privacy and security and comes with a 25 year Jakcure® guarantee.
  • Jakoustic® Absorptive: Jakoustic® Absorptive is a perfect solution where a noise source is in a tight confined area and surrounded by reflective surfaces. The barrier features an absorptive layer made up of Rockwool fibre and a protective membrane to reduce noise by up to 32dB.**
  • Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway: Designed for commercial and highway use, our Jakoustic Barrier provides noise protection whilst also complying with the stringent Highways Agency standards BSEN 1794-1 & 2 and utilises steel I-beam posts.
  • Trident® High Security: Trident® Jakoustic 2 and Trident® Jakoustic 3 provide a blend of noise reduction and high security. Trident® Jakoustic 2 combines Jacksons acoustic fencing with steel mesh lining making the fence difficult to scale or penetrate whilst Trident® Jakoustic 3 features a high security mesh interlining to maintain an attractive ‘natural’ appearance.
  • Acoustic Gates: Our acoustic gates ensure maximum effectiveness when integrated with Jacksons acoustic fencing. Available as swing or sliding gates and manual or automated operations.
  • *Jakoustic® barrier certified laboratory results: Rating according to BS EN 1793-2:1998 Category = B3 Laboratory sound reduction 28 dB Superficial mass 25kg/m²

    **Jakoustic® Plus barrier certified laboratory results: Category B3 rating according to BS EN 1793-2:1998

    Category A3 rating according to BS EN 1793-1:1998

    Laboratory sound reduction 32 dB Approximate Superficial Mass 28kg/m²

    Take a look at the video below to hear the massive difference Jacksons acoustic fencing can make. (Make sure you have sound on!)

    Acoustic Barrier Range

    We manufacture a range of acoustic barriers to suit the requirements of different applications, all with a 25 year guarantee.

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