Pedestrian Turnstiles

Our pedestrian turnstile is designed for external use to enhance security around pedestrian entrances into a site and to manage visitor flow in outside areas.

The turnstile can be customised with a wide range of access control devices to suit your environment.
The unit has been designed so fencing can be installed at any corner of the turnstile. 

Pedestrian Turnstiles Features

  • Outside frame constructed from steel hollow tube
  • Frame has been designed to hide cabling - eliminating trunking
  • 304-Grade stainless steel turnstile rotor
  • Easily integrates with any access control
  • Bi-directional 120 degree stainless steel rotors
  • Fail safe operation as standard
  • Frame designed to accommodate access control interface
  • CE marked unit

Access control options

  • Access control interface units - audio messaging system / card reader / push button
  • Traffic lights
  • Roof lights
  • Fail secure
  • Temporary turnstile delivered on a ramped pallet
  • LED directional flow indicator lights

JFFHT Specifications

2336 1800