Retail, Leisure and Tourism

Controlling access within the retail leisure and tourism sector to protect boundaries, manage access, and provide crowd control and flow, while preventing overcrowding and ensuring visitors to sites are kept safe and secure while following designated pathways.

Safety and Security for Retail, Leisure and Tourism

Security fencing, demarcation fencing, gates, and access control systems play a pivotal role in the retail, leisure, and tourism sector, protecting people, buildings, and assets against threats including theft, public safety issues, crime, and terrorism. In addition, a key aim for properties within the sector is to provide entertainment and enjoyment; people must feel safe and relaxed while shopping and attending events.

Our solutions provide security, efficiently regulate the flow of traffic and crowds, effectively safeguarding against overcrowding, unauthorised access and vandalism, while elevating visitor experiences.

Read some of our case studies spanning various applications within the sector, or contact us for a quote or advice.

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Demarcation Fencing

Demarcation fencing is often used around retail properties to make car parks safer, in leisure properties such as zoos and theme parks to keep verges tidy, and around heritage sites to outline a boundary and protect important assets without spoiling views.

Acoustic Fencing for Retail, Leisure and Tourism Sectors

Acoustic barriers are ideal when it comes to the retail, leisure and tourism sectors, they provide noise reduction for a number of locations and activities and can be seen around restaurants, pubs, supermarkets and other attractions which benefit from the noise reduction and increased security provided by the barriers.

Preventing unauthorised access

Theme Park Fencing


From car parks, ticket booths and perimeter fencing and gates, we are a complete security solutions provider and have worked with many theme parks, zoos, and tourist attractions.

Theme Park FencingPlay Zone Fencing
Controlling Access

Traffic Barriers


With a diverse selection of access control solutions, such as traffic arm barriers, warden barriers, and road blockers, we can provide solutions to meet the unique security needs and specifications of each site.

Traffic BarriersReservoir Case Study
HVM and Bollards

Crowd Control


We offer both static and automatic rising options for security bollards to provide hostile vehicle mitigation and protect crowds enjoying leisure spaces, shopping centres, and high streets.

Security BollardsHostile Vehicle Mitigation