Ultimate High Security

Ultimate High Security Fencing

Our range of government approved high security fencing will allow you to have peace of mind and provide maximum protection against intruders. Each high security fencing system has its own specific attributes allowing you to choose the right height security fencing system for you.

To meet the demands on perimeter security in light of new and escalating threats, we have invested heavily in the development of high security fencing systems designed to be employed in the highest security situations, against a range of threats from determined intrusion to the mitigation of collateral damage. This investment was born from a realisation that you cannot simply go on stretching the performance limits of existing products against increasingly sophisticated, determined and audacious attacks and expect them to cope.

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Our Government Approved Range Includes

  • Trident® Securi-Mesh® is an ideal solution for a variety of high security perimeter and access control applications. It has been designed to meet Home Office specifications for use in prisons and mental health units.

  • Trident® Mesh 2 is a high security welded mesh fence which has been designed for rapid deployment and reduced costs thanks to our unique installation process.

  • Trident® Combi 2 System combines timber and steel to deliver a high security mesh system with an attractive timber façade.

  • Trident® Jakoustic 2 is a dual layer construction of interlocking timber boards and a layer of steel mesh, providing potential noise reduction of up to 28dB.

  • Trident® Jakoustic 3 provides the performance of a class 3 system, comprising of two interlocking 'v' timber boards, interlined with a layer of high security steel mesh.

  • Trident® Xtreme 3 combines a welded pale-through-rail construction with horizontal rails with our '358' Securi-Mesh®on the attack face to provide enhanced levels of security.

  • Trident® Xtreme 3XM is a high security vertical bar system, featuring pale-through-rail horizontal rails and concealed fixings, designed to delay attempts at penetrating through the fence.

  • Trident® Xtreme 4 is resistant to attacks from hand and battery powered cutting tools with specialist blades, make it an ideal solution in ultra-high security applications.