LPS 1175 Security Rated Fencing

C5/SR3 Fencing Systems

At Jacksons we produce a range of security rated fencing, from A1 to E10 (SR1-SR5) and also F1 and G1. Our security rated fencing is an ideal solution for increasing perimeter security in a variety of applications, from educational facilities to government-approved sites.

C5/SR3 fencing is designed to protect against deliberate attempts at forced entry. To achieve this security rating our fencing had to delay several attacks using tools such as a short axe, chisel, gas torch, and crow bar, each lasting at least 5 minutes.

Our SR3/C5 Fencing Range
  • UHS Heavy Mesh SR3: The SR3 mesh system is constructed from 250mm wire double skinned mesh to provide a high level of security. It has been approved by the LPCB to Issue 7 and Secured by Design, making it ideal for applications such as utilities or industrial sites.
  • UHS Extreme Mesh SR3: This mesh system has been designed and tested to withstand forced entry using tools which include battery powered tools. Featuring a double skinned mesh, it provides a robust high security solution which is suitable for a range of applications and has been approved by the LPCB to Issue 7 and Secured by Design.
  • Jakoustic® Class 3 C5 (also available as F1 and G1): Jakoustic® Class 3 is the perfect fence when privacy, security and noise are major considerations. The flat face design contains no foot or hand holds, making the fence difficult to scale, and optional Rota-Spike® topping can further increase security. Additionally, the acoustic properties of the fence can reduce noise by up to 28dB* making it ideal for commercial or industrial properties. It has been approved by the LPCB to Issue 8 and Secured by Design.
  • *Jakoustic® barrier certified laboratory results: Rating according to BS EN 1793:1998 Category = B3 Laboratory sound reduction 28db Superficial mass 25 kg/m2

    More Security Rated Fencing

    We have an extensive range of LPS 1175 products that have undergone and passed the testing process ranging from A1 to E10 (currently the highest rating for a fence available to buy in the UK). View the full range below.

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    Why SR3 and not C5

    When LPS 1175 Issue 7 was updated to the current Issue 8, the toolkit used to assess SR3 (now C5) was updated to include a more powerful drill. Therefore, products rated to SR3 are not automatically upgraded to C5. The Issue 7 rating (SR3) is still valid, and still provides a delay of up to 5 minutes in the event of deliberate forced entry of well-protected premises using bodily physical force and a wide selection of attack options.

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