SR3 Fencing

SR3 Fencing Systems

At Jacksons we produce a range of security rated fencing, from SR1 to SR5. Our security rated fencing is an ideal solution for increasing perimeter security in a variety of applications, from educational facilities to government-approved sites.

SR3 fencing is designed to protect against deliberate attempts at forced entry and has been proven to be successful against attacks from a short axe, chisel, gas torch and crow bar. In order to achieve the SR3 rating our fencing has undergone a 20 minute test with each tool having a maximum attack time of 5 minutes.

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  • UHS Heavy Mesh SR3: The SR3 mesh system is constructed from 250mm wire double skinned mesh to provide a high level of security. It has been approved by the LPCB and Secured by Design, making it ideal for applications such as utilities or industrial sites.

  • UHS Extreme Mesh SR3: This mesh system has been designed and tested to withstand forced entry using tools which include battery powered tools. Featuring a double skinned mesh, it provides a robust high security solution which is suitable for a range of applications.

  • Jakoustic® Class 3: Jakoustic Class 3 is the perfect fence when privacy, security and noise are major considerations. The flat face design contains no foot or hand holds, making the fence difficult to scale and optional rota-spikes can further increase security. Additionally, the acoustic properties of the fence can reduce noise by up to 28dB* making it ideal for commercial or industrial properties. 

    *Jakoustic® barrier certified laboratory results:
    Rating according to BS EN 1793:1998
    Category = B3
    Laboratory sound reduction 28db
    Superficial mass 25 kg/m2