Jacksons and the housing industry

With years of experience in the housing sector Jacksons provide a complete range of fencing for any housing development, suiting both new builds and renovations on existing homes.

Adding value to both the design and overall build quality of a property, our fencing is not just fencing, but rather a statement about safety and security which is complete with an industry leading 25 year guarantee.

Jacksons Fencing offers a range of solutions for the housing industry including:

  • Contemporary timber fence panels
  • Traditional privacy panels
  • Acoustic barriers including UKCA marked complete systems for road noise reduction
  • Decorative metal railings
  • Welded mesh security fencing
  • Timber palisade fencing
  • Timber bin stores
  • Entrance and driveway gates
  • Bollards
  • Footpath, R.O.W, and demarcation fencing
  • North London Housing Estate

    We provided 135 metres of bespoke 6m high timber acoustic fencing to reduce noise pollution from commercial properties for a housing estate in North London. The acoustic barrier also improved security, privacy, and good aesthetics.

    Example Housing Development Layout

    Housing development fencing

    Sustainable fencing garden towns and villages

    The UK government announced their new garden communities programme, calling for an increase in garden towns and villages in England. We discuss potential design challenges and suitable fencing for these green towns.

    Securing rural sites against crime

    Rural crime rates are increasing in the UK, we look at the risks and how to best protect yourself.

    How noise pollution affects health - and how to stop it

    We look at the evidence from studies that increasingly suggests that noise pollution can have a detrimental impact on modern living, from house prices to physical health and wellbeing.

    Automated gates: a further tragedy waiting to happen?

    Automated gates pose a great risk if not installed or maintained correctly. Jacksons Fencing discuss Gate Safe initiatives and the campaign to make automated gates safe.