Timber Gates

Uni Gates | Universal Gates

Known as uni or universal gates as they can be hung either right or left handed. The gate has an extra heavy top rail for added strength. Gates are made from premium softwood that is planed all round for a smooth finish. Suitable for use as a driveway entrance, farm or field gate.

25 year Jakcure® guarantee 

Narrow Uni Gates Specifications

Length Height 
0.9m 1.27m
1.05m 1.27m
1.2m 1.27m
1.5m 1.27m
1.8m 1.27m
2.1m 1.27m

Wide Uni Gates Specifications

Length Height 
2.4m 1.27m
2.7m 1.27m
3.0m 1.27m
3.3m 1.27m
3.6m 1.27m
3.9m 1.27m
4.2m  1.27m

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