High security acoustic fencing

For some sites such as data centres, there is a need for noise reduction as well as a perimeter security solution. We have combined the two requirements to create our Trident® Jakoustic fencing range, and SR3 Jakoustic® Class 3 using a combination of timber and steel to offer high security options for noise reduction.

High security acoustic barriers offer:

  • A flat profile with no hand or foot holds for anti climb properties
  • Noise reduction of up to 28dB*
  • Interlocking 'V' timber boards coupled to a tongue and groove construction
  • Ability to follow ground profiles
  • Optional additional security toppings
  • 25 year guarantee

*Jakoustic® barrier certified laboratory results: 1998

Rating according to BS EN 1793 -2 Category=B3 Laboratory sound reduction 28dB

Our acoustic barrier range is a bespoke high security perimeter fencing solution designed specifically for highly sensitive applications where maximum protection against access by cutting, climbing and scaling is required, while at the same time providing noise reduction from the site.