LPS 1175 Security Rated welded mesh panel with timber slats

EuroGuard® Combi A1 (SR1) | Security Rated Mesh Panel Fencing

EuroGuard® Combi LPS 1175 A1 fencing brings our unique experience and reputation in steel and timber fencing and gates together in a design that combines natural wooden slats with the strength of steel mesh. The combination of welded mesh panels and closely spaced, substantial timber slats provide a flat facing surface ensuring no foot or hand holds, perfect for sites requiring a natural timber façade or where privacy is important. EuroGuard®Combi A1 meets the guidance within ‘Physical Mitigation’ measures issued by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) to cover assets from view, making observation into a site more difficult.

25 year service life guarantee

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installation-by-jacksons-250-250We provide nationwide installation for all of our security fencing, gates, and acoustic barriers. Installation is carried out by our experienced gangs who have extensive knowledge of our products and install to our premium standards. Let us know if you require installation when you make an enquiry using our product quote form or by calling us.

EuroGuard® SR1 Features

  • LPS 1175 A1 (SR1) approved   
  • Secured by Design preferred specification
  •  Mesh size 200 x 50mm
  • Anti-climb design
  • SR1 gate available


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EuroGuard® Combi A1 panels are 3000mm wide with 200 x 45mm mesh, 5mm wires with 4 - 6 reinforcing folds according to height.


A1 gates available.

EuroGuard® Combi A1 Panel Specifications

Height (mm) Post Centres (mm)
Post Dimensions (mm)
Overall Post Length (mm)
2070 3034 80 x 60 2800
2470 3034 80 x 60 3300
 3110 3054 120 x 60 + spur post 4000

Post Options

  • Overlength set in concrete as standard
  • Baseplated to bolt down onto concrete
  • Cranked to suit wall mounting
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    Standard Finishes
  • Panels are Galfan® zinc alloy coated  
  • Galvanised and powder coated to BS EN 13438 in one of our standard colours at extra cost
  • Galvanised and powder coated to non standard BS or RAL to special order
  • Marine coat for installations within 500m of salt water or an estuary
  • Timber slats Jakcure® pressure treated 
  • Explore our finishes


    Standard Colours
  • Black RAL 9005
  • Green RAL 6005
  • Grey RAL 7012
  • Blue BS 20-C-40
  • Blue RAL 5010
  • Red RAL 3020
  • Yellow RAL 1018
  • Brown RAL 8017
  • White RAL 9010
  • Other colours are available on request

  • Standard powder coating colours:

    RAL colours steel fencing

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    LPS 1175 A1 fencing

    About A1 (SR1) Fencing

    A1 fencing has been tested and certified to provide the minimum level of protection against opportunistic attacks after undergoing the LPS 1175 test devised by LPCB. During testing our fencing had to delay several attacks using category A tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and small knives, each lasting at least 1 minute, providing it with a rating of A1 under Issue 8, the equivalent of SR1 under Issue 7. Find out more and view the full product range here.

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