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Distribution Centre Fencing

Our security fencing and access control range for distribution centres includes welded mesh panels and vertical bar railings in both standard and LPS 1175 certified versions to ensure your distribution centre is protected from break-ins and unauthorised access.

Distribution centres are an essential link in the supply chain; receiving and storing goods before they are shipped and distributed to wholesalers, retailers, factories, retail facilities, and supermarkets. As a complete solutions provider, we've been manufacturing and installing high quality security fencing, gates, and access control solutions for distribution centres for many years, as well as gate automation, servicing, and maintenance. With the cost of living always on the rise, unfortunately crime is also likely to increase with more burglaries occurring in desperate attempts to achieve financial gain.

Distribution Centre Fencing Solutions

The LPS 1175 standard was developed specifically to enable products to be made to protect against attempts at opportunistic and planned attempts to break into a site, ranging from moderate to severe threats using a range of tools, usually with the intent to steal valuable items or cause malicious damage. LPS 1175 certified fencing is ideal for distribution centres with the number one threat being burglary.

We manufacture a wide range of LPS 1175 certified fencing including welded mesh panels, vertical bar fencing, combination fencing, and also acoustic barriers, which may benefit sites that are close to residential areas by reducing noise from lorries making deliveries and 24/7 activity from staff at the site.

Access control for distribution centres

Access control systems should also be carefully considered to ensure there are no weak points in the perimeter. Multiple access control solutions can be installed to work in conjunction, including traffic arm barriers, warden barriers, and metal security gates. Bi-folding speed gates are a common choice for distribution centres because their rapid opening and closing speed means the site is not left vulnerable to unauthorised entry. They are ideal for preventing large items such as vehicles being removed from inside the perimeter.

Distribution centre fencing

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