Areas of High Security

Jacksons Fencing specialises in high security perimeter solutions suitable for applications such as prisons, banks, defence facilities and government buildings. Our wide range of fencing, gates, bollards, barriers and blockers are tested to market standards to ensure they provide the ultimate protection for buildings, pedestrians and assets.

Ultimate High Security Fencing

  • Trident Jakoustic 2 - Acoustic fence
  • Trident Jakoustic 3 - Acoustic fence
  • Trident Mesh 2 - Welded mesh fence, rapid deployment
  • Trident Xtreme 3 - Vertical steel fence
  • Trident Xtreme 4 - Vertical steel fence
  • Trident Combi 2 - Welded mesh panel with timber inserts

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Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay and Defend

With the plethora of LPS 1175 certified, UK Government approved, Secured by Design preferred, PAS 68 and IWA 14 products available on the market and the increased noise around electronic detection and surveillance systems in the Internet of Things space, this brochure presents a range of innovative and novel physical perimeter security solutions which in harness with technology and manned response can dramatically improve the effectiveness of a site's security integrity.

Investment in a well-planned and implemented perimeter protection system which can Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay and Defend will provide significant protection to assets and the time and intelligence for an appropriate security response.

Adaptable, Certified, Approved and Preferred Systems

The security systems contained in this brochure are all designed and manufactured by Jacksons and have been tested by recognised and reputable facilities to provide varying levels of assured protection for assets located around and within the perimeter of a site.

Most of the systems may be customised to suit site conditions and in addition can be employed in the construction of partially or fully enclosed security cages for internal or external applications to the same specification.

Protecting critical national infrastructure and utilities

Data centres are classed as Critical National Infrastructure, download our complimentary guide as a starting point here.

LPS 1175 Issue 8 Explained

In 2019, a new standard to LPS 1175 security ratings was introduced, which allows specifiers and site planners to more closely identify the security risks associated with their site by analysing more variables. Issue 8 replaces Issue 7 with this new fluid approach.

Fence mounted perimeter intrustion detection systems

PIDS are a simple and effective way of enhancing your perimeter security, detecting attempts to cut, climb or penetrate the fence on which it is mounted and provide early warning of intrusion.

HVM: places, solutions and strategies

A comprehensive HVM solution should incorporate access control to prevent unauthorised vehicular access, and delay or impede a hostile vehicle's progress, without compromising the free movement of pedestrians, or aesthetic appeal.