Acoustic Security Fencing Barriers

Acoustic Barriers to Environmental Noise

The growing impact of noise on people, planning and architecture has increased demand for acoustic fencing solutions across a wide variety of applications from housing and schools, to transport and retail. 

Evidence from studies increasingly suggests that noise pollution can have a detrimental impact on modern living, from house prices to physical health and well being. The impact of noise is often felt most in busy urban areas or industrial sites, however, there’s a solution to limiting noise and the damage it can cause to physical and mental well being.

Our Jakoustic® fencing and gate systems were specifically designed to deliver good noise reduction performance, sustainability and security and importantly, to blend in with the surrounding environment. 

The proven and flexible Jakoustic® timber acoustic barrier system first introduced in 2004 that features our unique ‘tuning-fork’ posts is available in heights of up to 9 metres (Steel I-beam posts for heights over 5 metres) and is available in a number of versions to provide solutions to a wide variety of noise problems 

We are the first UK manufacturer of timber acoustic barriers which can CE mark both its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways Reflective system and Jakoustic® Plus Commercial & Highways Absorptive system as compliant with the requirements of EN 14388:2005 relating to Road traffic noise reducing devices. This follows the successful type testing and validation of both systems, including posts, reflective and absorptive surfaces, fixings and installation method carried out by BSI and detailed in its report number 8765852 dated 8th March 2019. 

This landmark achievement allows us to make an appropriate Declaration of Performance in relation to a number of characteristics defined in the ZA annex of EN 14388:2005, in support of the CE marking of its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways barriers as road noise reducing products under the EU Construction Products Directive and Regulation 305/2011.

To request a copy of the Declaration of Performance, please contact our sales team.

Acoustic Fencing Solutions

Watch our short 3D video walkthrough to find out more about Jakoustic® Reflective and Jakoustic® Absorptive fencing, and how they can be used in and around your site.

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With the growing impact of environmental noise on people, planning and architecture, we discuss the choice and specification of acoustic barriers.

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Acoustic features & benefits

High privacy
Low visual impact
Fast installation
Low lifetime cost
Can be stepped or raked to maintain height over most ground conditions
25 year guarantee

Specifying Jakoustic

When considering acoustic fencing you should take in account:

  • The location of noise source
  • The intensity and frequency of the source
  • The distance from the source to the acoustic barrier
  • The location of the position or areas to be screened
  • The density, height and degree of reflection/absorption required the barrier

    In addition, our in-house design team will prepare detailed specification drawings and wind loading calculations when required.

    Good against noise and good for the environment

    Jacksons has achieved certification under the environmental chain-of-custody schemes of both the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and the PEFCTM (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification TM).

    Flexible solutions

    Whether you require supply of Jakoustic materials or a full design, manufacture and installation service, our team of experts can offer flexible solutions tailored to meet your needs.

    * Jakoustic® laboratory sound reduction of up to 28 dB* Superficial Mass 28kg/m2 ** Jakoustic® Absorptive laboratory sound reduction of up to 32 dB* Superficial Mass 28kg/m2

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    Acoustic Video Case Study

    Watch the video to discover how using Jacksons’ acoustic fencing solutions managed noise effectively at Reading Train Maintenance Depot