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Government tested and approved fencing systems

Following a UK Government test programme carried out in late 2008 by the Home Office Scientific Branch (HOSDB), Jacksons Fencing has been awarded approval on two, new, ultra high security ‘Trident Xtreme®’ fencing systems.

The new Trident Xtreme systems are the first to be passed by the Government in tests using the latest and most aggressive attack tools at the two highest levels of security rating.

The approved fencing systems are the result of a three year intensive development programme which included both in-house testing and development testing of prototypes by Loss Prevention Certification Board.

One of the principal design considerations was to create a fencing system that would disguise its security capability so that it can effectively be ‘tuned’ to provide different levels of security, appropriate to the level of risk and value of the assets within a fence line. Both Trident systems have been designed to incorporate the advanced Jaktronic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) and the top security level Trident system additionally features Jacksons unique blade-trap technology to frustrate attempted breach through penetration of the fence structure.