A1 Security Rated Fencing

A1 (SR1) Fencing Systems

At Jacksons we manufacture and supply a range of security rated fencing ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from residential areas and commercial premises to government-approved sites.

A1 fencing has been tested and certified to provide the minimum level of protection against opportunistic attacks and has undergone the LPS 1175 test devised by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and carried out by BRE. To achieve this security rating our fencing had to delay several attacks using category A tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and small knives, each lasting at least 1 minute, proving to be an effective physical barrier against such attacks and achieving a rating of A1 under Issue 8, equivalent to SR1 on the previous Issue 7 rating system.

Our A1 Fencing Range

  •  Barbican® Imperial A1: Featuring welded pale-through-rail construction for added strength and with anti-climb design, Barbican Imperial SR1 is an ideal solution for public spaces, educational facilities, retail premises and other medium risk sites.
  •  Barbican® A1: A contemporary fencing with welded pale-through-rail construction for increased strength and security, Barbican SR1 is a great choice for commercial properties, city schools or for contemporary perimeter security.
  •  Barbican® Extra A1: Built to the same standard as Barbican panels with the inclusion of additional pales through the top rail making it virtually impossible to climb or scale. 
  •  Sentry® A1: Minimal in style, Sentry SR1 features pale-through-rail construction with a flat top rail, ideal for a variety of security toppings. 
  •  Barbican® with Finials A1: This fencing combines the strength of Barbican SR1 with the contemporary aesthetic of decorative finials to offer a secure perimeter solution ideal for religious grounds, public spaces and commercial properties. 
  •  Barbican® Barbed Top A1: Barbican Barbed Top features barbs welded to the top of the pales to produce an intimidating and highly effective physical barrier. 
  •  Barbican Defender Xtreme A1: Square bar pale railing and anti climb curved top provides both a powerful visual deterrent and effective physical barrier. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications. 
  •  EuroGuard Flatform Heavy A1: Heavy gauge horizontal wires and a flat profile offer both strength and rigidity, making it ideal for sites requiring good visibility and security. 
  •  EuroGuard Combi A1: EuroGuard Combi combines the strength of steel with the aesthetics of timber to produce a dynamic fence suitable for a variety of applications including public spaces, retail and commercial premises and educational facilities. 
  • Securi-Mesh® A1 : Securi-Mesh employs a welded mesh design with small apertures to create an anti-climb fence with high visibility, providing an ideal solution for a wide variety of high security perimeter and access control applications.
  • More Security Rated Fencing

    We have an extensive range of LPS 1175 products that have undergone and passed the testing process ranging from A1 to E10 (currently the highest rating for a fence available to buy in the UK). View the full range below.

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