Timber demarcation fencing

Traditional Palisade Fencing | Kit Form Fencing

Traditional Palisade Fencing, also known as Picket Fencing, is constructed from posts, rails and pales on site, to create an attractive and functional demarcation fence. Palisade fencing is ideal for uneven terrains and sloping gradients as pales can be staggered according to the ground profile. Pales are available with both rounded and pointed tops.

Crafted from premium quality planed timber components and stainless steel fixings, Traditional Palisade Fencing provides a strong demarcation fencing solution that increases security due to increased visibility and can be used for creating long runs of fencing for an exact fit.

Traditional Palisade correspond(s) to the generic component/material "timber" in the BRE Global Guide online generic specification(s) "pre-treated timber close boarded fencing" which achieve(s) a summary rating of A+ within commercial, domestic, residential, health, industrial, education.

25 year Jakcure® guarantee

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Traditional Fencing Features

25 year guarantee

Responsibly sourced timber

Manufactured in the UK

Traditional kit-form fencing

Matching gates available


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Traditional Palisade Fencing Specification 

   Fence height  
1000  1000 x 70 x 19 1500 x 100 x 75
 1200    1200 x 70 x 19 1800 x 100 x 75
1800   1800 x 70 x 19  2400 x 125 x 75


Fence Options

  • Rounded or pointed pales
  • Gravel boards
  • Gravel Boards

    Please note that gravel boards must be used when fencing is in contact with the ground as part of the 25 year Jakcure® guarantee conditions. More detail can be found on our Jakcure® T&Cs page.

    If you are specifying for new developments please consider our Hedgehog Friendly Gravel Board.

    Timber treatment CPD available

    Jacksons Fencing offers a free CPD seminar on timber treatment, accredited by RIBA, to book please email cpd@jacksons-fencing.co.uk.