Timber noise barrier

Jakoustic® Reflective | Acoustic Fencing

The Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic barrier reflects noise away using heavy section planed timber boards with a special profile that has been carefully developed. Boards are constructed in such a way that eliminates gaps that sound could easily travel through. It offers up to 28 dB* in noise reduction.

25 year Jakcure® guarantee

*Jakoustic® barrier certified laboratory results: Rating according to BS EN 1793-2:1998 Category = B3 Laboratory sound reduction 28 dB Superficial mass 25kg/m²

Jakoustic® Reflective Features

  • Unique tuning fork design posts
  • Attractive timber structure with a planed finish throughout
  • Anti climb and scale design
  • High privacy barrier
  • Special fixings clamp the acoustic boards between posts
  • Can accommodate changes in level or profile
  • Complete with capping and counter rail
  • Up to 28 dB in noise*
  • Category B3 rating
  • 34mm thick "V" boards
  • Matching pedestrian, swing and tracked sliding gates


✔ Residential properties

✔ Commercial properties

✔ Construction sites

✔ Sports venues

✔ Schools

Jakoustic® Reflective Specifications

Heights from 1.8m-4.0m available as standard. Heights up to 2.0m supplied with timber tuning fork posts. Heights of 2.1m-4.0m include timber tuning fork posts and galvanised steel spur post reinforcements, powder coated black as standard.

For heights over 4m, see Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway.

Height (mm) Post Centres (mm)
 Spur Post (mm) Post Length (mm)
2000  2410 N/A 2900
2500 2410 2000 3400 


2410 2500 


3500 2410 2700 4400
4000 2410 3300 4900


Post options

  • Timber tuning fork posts for heights up to 4m

Acoustic CPD available

Jacksons Fencing offers a free CPD seminar on acoustic fencing and environmental noise pollution, accredited by RIBA, to book please email cpd@jacksons-fencing.co.uk.