Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

Jaktronic® Fence Sensor Systems (Active Fence Sensor) are multifunctional electronic perimeter security systems. Employing state of the art vibration sensors and magnetic detectors installed on the fence perimeter, the system monitors and displays intrusion attempts with high degrees of accuracy and low false alarm rates. The systems vibration sensors are based on the Time Domain Reflectometer principle (TDR), which displays attempts at penetrating the fence perimeter with an accuracy of ±10 metres.

The system can be installed on welded mesh or chain link fences, razor-wire coils, vehicle gates, personnel gates, and water conduits, providing full protection for the site.

In combination with our high security perimeter and access control defences, Jaktronic® PIDS provides a comprehensive integrated protection solution.

The Jaktronic® PIDS range comprises various systems for different applications.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems available

Jaktronic® Viper

New generation security system designed to handle all aspects of perimeter protection. Easy to install, operate and maintain, the system upgrades any existing fence to the status of an electronic barrier and has the highest detection rate with the best resolution of +/- 10 nmetres. Vibration activated perimeter fence sensor system that works using reflected wave technology similar to radar, ideal for miltary and government sites and utilities. Complies with British Standards and US Mil Standards and highly immune to extraneous environmental factors. 

Jaktronic® Python

Small scale perimeter detection system for a small site protection with a perimeter of up to 800 metres. Operates in a similar way to Viper, with reflected wave technology and is capable of arming/disarming specific zones without affecting the detection capability of the entire perimeter. Easy to install, operate and maintain, is has an extremely low false alarm rate due to its special software algorithm and works even in extreme climates.

Rapid Deployment Jaktronic®

Cost effective and easy to install and operate. Includes outdoor vibration sensors and computerised mobile central control unit.

Explosion Proof Jaktronic®

Ideal for potentially volatile environments. Offers reliable intrusion detection in the presence of flammable, combustible or easily ignitable materials.

A 25 month automation guarantee is available on all our PIDS with a maintenance contract.

Fence Mounted PIDS

Our blog provides detail on how PIDS work and how they can be installed on an existing fence to create an integrated security systems that works to detect intruders.

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