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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

A wide range of barrier mounted PIDS suitable for all sectors. Discreet perimeter intrusion detection and electric fence deterrents for denying access and detecting attempts to cut or climb the perimeter.

Our Jaktronic range of PIDS are multifunctional electronic perimeter intrusion detection and deterrent systems. Suitable for any site which requires accurate and sophisticated measures to provide early warning of attempts to cut, climb, or vandalise the fence onto which they are mounted, our PIDS offer simple integration into new or existing perimeter security strategies. They are commonly used in the protection of high-end properties, industrial properties, storage facilities, and warehouses, to prisons, government and military sites, and Critical National Infrastructure such as utilities.

PIDS work by a piezoelectric sensor cable which detects activity and sends signals to a seismic analyser, which when paired with CCTV and intruder alarm systems provides an efficient and effective method of detecting intruders. The systems analysers operate from 12-24v DC, and are easily integrated with CCTV and alarm monitoring systems.

Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Each fence mounted system can be installed onto any fence which is in good condition; chain link, rigid welded mesh or vertical bar fencing, to allow vibrations to travel easily along the fence fabric to the seismic analyser. PIDS are discreet by their nature, but can further concealed with powder coating or different colour cables to match the fence or wall it is attached to.

Jaktronic PIDS

This PIDS is for installation onto perimeter security fencing, including chain link, mesh panels, vertical bar railings, and security toppings.

Alarm-aFence and Jaktronic Electric System

An electric fencing system designed to detect and deter intruders from attempting to cut or climb the fence or wall it is mounted on. The system will deliver a safe and regulated but painful shock when touched, and will generate an alarm if cut. NPSA (previously known as CPNI) approved options available.

Jaktronic for Walls

A PIDS designed to be installed on the walls or roof of a building to detect intrusion attempts. This system is ideal for fences which run flush with the building, where detection is required to continue around the perimeter.

Jaktronic PIDS and Electric Combination

A combination system designed to offer complete protection for high security sites involving the use of an electrified topping and a PIDS, both of which are separately NPSA (previously known as CPNI) approved.

Jaktronic for Compounds

Jaktronic for Compounds is specifically designed for both internal and external security cages and compounds, whether they are used for gas bottle or oil tank storage, within server rooms, storing hazardous waste, or simply for high value items.

Fence Mounted PIDS

Our blog provides detail on how PIDS work and how they can be installed on an existing fence to create an integrated security systems that works to detect intruders.

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