Commercial Property

Including business parks, retail property, industrial and commercial property developments, Jacksons has served a variety brands ranging from some of the UK’s best known retail brands to small start ups with one aim - to improve their perimeter security.

Providing steel welded mesh, vertical bar, acoustic fencing, timber and access control solutions has meant Jacksons has built up over 25 years of experience within the sector, but more importantly enabled us to forge lasting relationships.

With the UK’s largest portfolio of Security Rated fencing and access control solutions Jacksons Fencing continues to lead the marketplace by promoting best practice, a quality service and an industry leading 25 year guarantee.

Reducing Noise For McDonald's

McDonald's is one of the biggest food chains in the UK with 1,149 stores nationwide, many of which are located on redeveloped sites near urban areas. One of the issues this can create is noise pollution caused by the activities of customers, vehicles in the car park and drive-thru and the restaurant itself. Jacksons Fencing installed 42m of acoustic fencing to reduce noise.