Protecting places of worship

Places of worship such as churches, cathedrals, synagogues and mosques are important community centres currently facing an increased threat of terrorism and hate crime. Since 2016, the places of worship scheme has provided £1.5 million to places of worship for additional security measures. In 2018, the UK government refreshed the hate crime action plan, which is committed to providing the places of worship scheme, as well as funding projects to tackle hate crime.

Jacksons Fencing has worked with many churches and mosques, providing fencing, gates and access control solutions in order to create a safe, yet welcoming environment. 


Places Of Worship Whitepaper

We've commissioned a special white paper with the experiences of 2000 people who regularly attend a place of worship in the UK, that explores the challenges of designing and specifying security solutions for places of worship, and how these places of asylum and safety can be protected from the crimes they face. Download your free copy here.

Security FEncing for places of worship

At Jacksons we manufacture and supply a range of fencing and gates suited to protecting religious centres which are vulnerable to such attacks. Our fencing solutions combine both security with pleasing aesthetics and can fulfil a range of functions including:

  • Preventing unauthorised entry and egress from the grounds
  • Protecting visitors, worshippers and staff from accident and attack within the grounds
  • Deterring theft, anti-social behaviour and hate crime
  • Security and access control
  • Keeping pedestrians and vehicles safe from each other during busy periods
  • Mitigating noise propagation into the site

For more information on the places of worship security funding scheme, visit the government website.

View our wide range of products below - often supplied and installed in and around churches, mosques, cathedrals and synagogues.

places of worship security fencing

Case Studies and Blogs

Barbican Imperial Railings Protect Luton Church

To increase safety and security for the listed building and people attending the church, our Barbican Imperial vertical bar railings were installed with a double leaf gate for access.

Securing Places of Worship

A feeling of welcome and safety is essential to any place of worship, and security must be carefully planned and implemented with this in mind in order to provide non-intimidating spaces for people to meet and practise their faith freely and comfortably. Read our advice.

Sustainable security for Cambridge Central Mosque

Designed by the renowned Marks Barfield Architects, Cambridge Central Mosque has been described as the 'greenest mosque in Europe'. Our reflective acoustic barriers were installed to reduce noise and satisfy the sustainable goals of the development with a 25 year guarantee.

Bow Top Fencing Provides Demarcation In East Iceland

Places of worship are important symbols of heritage and culture to many communities. A small parish in East Iceland required demarcation fencing that provided an attractive boundary to protect the grounds of their church and endure the occasionally extreme weather conditions.