Vertical bar metal security railings

Vertical bar security fencing

At Jacksons we provide intelligent physical fencing and access control recommendations which deliver effective security like our vertical bar fencing - ideal for boundary security. Our focus is to offer a selection of systems which Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny unauthorised access in a variety of applications, ranging from domestic homes and commercial premises to government-approved sites.

Unlike other fencing manufacturers we offer both standard and bespoke options.

Surveillance technology has made great in-roads in managing the threat of a breach in security. Surveillance alone will not prevent determined individuals from accessing a site. There is always  an innate requirement to establish a well-designed  physical perimeter security response to act as both a visual deterrent and physical barrier. 

Today, innovations in fencing have led to a whole host of new products which deliver additional benefits alongside the provision of a robust, physical barrier suited to a range of environments. 

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Our vertical bar fencing solutions include our Barbican® range which employs strong vertical bar welded pale-through-rail construction and tamper proof fixings to create an aesthetically pleasing, anti climb security solution. The Barbican® range includes different designs to suit all applications including schools, public places, commercial properties, high security sites and residential areas.

Sentry® offers a different aesthetic appearance featuring a welded semi pale-through-rail construction with a flat bar top, suitable for low to high risk sites with the option of additional security toppings. Its wide bar design makes it just as suitable for schools as it is for high security applications.

Alternatives to steel palisade fencing

  • Barbican®: Barbican® features our welded pale-through-rail construction which means there are no bolts to be forced or palings to be removed. The horizontal rails are sleeved on to the upright posts to provide a seamless design that is both stylish and incredibly strong.

  • Barbican Imperial®: Classic looks with a less intimidating appearance, Barbican® Imperial security fencing with its 25mm and 32mm diameter round pales which can be decorated with finials. Ideal for prestigious applications.

  • Barbican® Extra: These security panels are identical to standard Barbican® panels, but with an important difference: the additional pales through the top rail that ensure even the smallest hand or foot cannot gain purchase making it virtually impossible to climb or scale.

  • Barbican® Barbed-Top: A security fencing system with menacing barbs welded to the top of the pales which act as a highly effective deterrent and barrier to intruders.

  • Barbican® Defender Xtreme: Projecting a powerful visual statement in perimeter protection the curved pales are designed to prevent intruders from climbing or scaling the fence, whichever side it is approached.

  • Sentry®: Featuring a welded semi pale-through-rail construction to combine style with performance and is equally appropriate for contemporary or more traditional settings.

  • Tri-Guard®: With curved tops, set in clusters of three and joined by feature steel discs which create a decorative appearance with anti-climb and anti-scale performance.

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