Sports Fencing and Enclosures

There are a number of important factors to consider when specifying and selecting the right fencing and gate solution for sports enclosures. These include participant and spectator safety, the safety of surrounding properties, the security of the enclosure when not in use, and of course the functionality of the enclosure.

We design and install a wide range of fencing systems to suit the requirements of individual sports including tennis, basketball, netball and volleyball courts, five a side and full sized football pitches, cricket, hockey and rugby pitches, equestrian and athletic arenas, multi-use games areas (MUGA) and more specialised facilities like skate parks and BMX tracks which often include a requirement for acoustic noise barriers in their design.

Whether in leisure or practice facilities or at elite level, you can be assured that the Jacksons range of sports fencing and enclosures will be fit for purpose, durable, safe, secure and attractive; they are also backed by our industry leading 25 year guarantees for peace of mind and sustainability.

Sports Fencing Projects Completed

  • Liverpool Football Club
  • Wigan Athletic Football Club
  • Twickenham Stadium
  • Folkestone Rugby Club
  • Reading BMX Park
  • Folkestone Skate Park
  • Tennis World Middlesbrough

Stadium Fencing

We are highly experienced in delivering fencing and gate solutions for stadiums. Click the button below to view our stadium fencing advice.

Stadium Fencing

Acoustic Fencing for The Leys School Hockey Pitch

We installed 227 metres of timber reflective acoustic fencing for The Leys School in Cambridge to provide a quieter environment for nearby residents. Jakoustic® Fencing provides an effective noise reduction solution, with its unique tuning-fork posts and black powder coated steel spur posts.

Choosing the right fencing for sports pitches

We explain the different types of fencing suitable for sports pitches and what to look for when specifying solutions for different types of sports.

Tips for MUGA fencing

What is a MUGA?

MUGAs are ideal for creating multi-functional, cost effective, and space-saving areas for sports. We provide our top tips for specifying fencing for safe sports pitches.

Safe demarcation for Guildford Spectrum Sports Complex

Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex first opened in 1993, and is still unrivalled today in the services it houses all under one roof. Our fencing was chosen as part of a redevelopment around the athletics track.

Acoustic barriers reduce noise at Tennis World

We supplied 93 metres of acoustic fencing to reduce noise from a large electrical substation; adjacent to the Tennis World complex and within a very close proximity to some of the modern outdoor tennis courts.